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>> tonight we close with what can only be described as the most embarrassing video of the day that comes to us from april of 2012 when democratic senator bob menendez shat down with the interview of new jersey, and the secret service scandal was on, and the allegations now facing the embattled new jersey lawmaker we thought we h'd play for you his response, let's cue up this hypo
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>> one was killed and another one is in very serious condition. from that point on, he has not been found. however, his truck was found, burned out, up in big bear, about a 60-mile drive or so from here. authorities have been keeping in contact with us at this hour, the storm is coming in. temperatures have dropped down into the 20s. they are expected to be in the low 20s tonight. it is very cold. it's dark. the fog is coming in. all of these things make this search more tedious. there are 130 officers going door to door in an area not far from where that truck was found. they will continually expand that search out. i asked if they believe he is is still there. they have no reason to believe he has left the big bear area. however, they have no reason to believe he hasn't found a house. there are cabins up there. there are homes up there. people have homes that go up there on the weekends and that type of thing. they are going to look for those
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homes for signs of forced entry and at the same time, go to each person's house. people who live there currently full time are told to lock their doors, lock their wind oh stay inside. we have heard a number of reports of people who have their own weapons legally that have those at hand. this man has said in his manifesto and by his actions that he is willing to take down anybody. there are all hands on deck. we know of a number agencies, btsr not only locally, but federally. there are bloodhounds and the u.s. forest is on the scene. this is a very serious situation, a tense situation all across southern california. the state is on tactical alert because this guy says he will take out family or anybody in his way. even down the hill here, a couple of times tonight, you can see police unit, going in one direction or another, lights and sirens, they are taking every from caution necessary. the lapd, which is at the center of all of this, they have taken all motorcycle officers off the
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roadways, all units are required to have two officers inside. and two cars are required to respond to every police call. that's going to go on until they find this suspect. so, greta, a very serious situation here in southern california. this guy has killed three. and the worry is he will try to kill more. >> adam, thank you. police say the rogue cop ambushed two officers on routine patrol in riverside, california, as they sat unsuspecting in their patrol car. he opened fire and killed one and wounded the other. joining us is the riverside police chief, sergio diaz and the mayor. chief, what instructions are you giving to your police force tonight? >> we have taken precautions, greta, including similar to what los angeles did, making sure we don't have any lone officers operating. we have also putotor officers in cars. and we changed our -- temporarily, or deployment
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policies so that we are... responding -- our dispatch policies so we are responding only to major police work. that is, calls that have an implication to public safety. crimes of violence and such, as we put in earlier, we are not going to be responding to parking dog complaints until this thing gets resolved. we need to have our police officers available to protect the citizenses and to protect each other -- >> people are safe and secure in riverside. >> mayor, i was going to ask you about how they feel. obviously the rogue cop posted a manifesto, targeting in particular, police officers. he has murdered a police officer. but he is accused of killing some civilians. so what are you telling the people of riverside? they don't know he's up in bear mountain. what are you telling your people? are they terrified? >> riverside is avand secure. that's what i am diagonalling them. we had a prayer vigil at city
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hall in public. there was no incidents, there was a great turnout. people showed that, coming down and you know, voting with their feet, so to speak and letting us know that they feel safe and they wanted to show support for the officers that have been involved in this and their families and to lift up prayers on their behalf. >> chief, i just heard the mayor say that riverside is safe and secure. i am sure that -- i hope the people feel that way and indeed, i hope they are. but you had two armed police officers on a routine duty who are not safe and secure. and they are armed. so this is a very dangerous situation. we have a rogue cop threatening to kill more fri. riverside, this was a random act of violence that came into our city. and so we responded appropriately and the police chief has led by example and is taking care of has troops, as well as our city. >> well, i wish all of you --
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>> greta -- >> go ahead, chief. >> i wanted to add that we do believe that there was no specific target in riverside. i believe that these two officers unfortunately were the first uniformed officers that this individual came upon. he mentioned in his manifesto that the people who had aggrieved him were fair targets and their families were. by the way, any police officer, on or off duty. that was the way he was going to avenge his grievances. >> thank you both very much. and good luck, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> now, the fired lapd officer posted a lengthy manifesto online. here are some of his chilling and threatening words...
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>> this is so random and this guy is on a rampage, i don't know why in the world they can feel comfortable saying that. >> i don't want to alarm anybody in california. but let's be very candid here. nobody is safe and secure until this rogue cop has been captured or is killed. >> and he's got a lot on the line now. he is accused of killing three. he has every police officer in southern california looking for him. he has nothing to lose now, at this point. in some ways, he gizz going to be a rat at some point. >> i took the time to read this manifesto. it is chilling. it is no doubt about this, he has a persecution complex. he believes he has been wronged by the police department. and he is on a venge to kill any police officer that comes in his sight. quite naturally, the sad commentary is that the police officers who were representing him in a trial proceeding or
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hearing -- where he lost his job, that that police officer's daughter -- wound up being killed and her fiance. >> the rogue cop having the thought that his representative somehow threw the case or was compliceit with the police union and the blue line. >> when you read the manifesto, he makes it very clear, he not only wants to go after police officers, but their relatives. quite naturally, it appears he has already done that. they have tracked him to the big bear, california, area and the burned-out vehicle. >> so they think. they found a burned-out vehicle. at this point, this man could be anywhere. and he has shown he will kill. >> gret ayou are absolutely right. he has military training. he has police training. he knows tactical trains of police department himself. he's a very smart guy. he is very, very dangerous. >> ted, thank you. >> of course, we are staying on top of this breaking news.
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the manhunt for a rogue cop. he has killed and threatening to kill again. we will bring you another live report later in the hour. of course, there are breaking developments, as soon as they happen, we will bring you those. to capitol hill and the fiery clash over drones and the targeting and killing of americans. cia director nominee john brennan, duking it out with senators from both party, staunchly defending the obama administration's use of drones against americans. >> i would like to ask you about the status of the administration's efforts to institutionalize rules and procedures for the conduct of drone strikes, in particular, how you see your role as cia director in that approval process? >> the president has insisted that any actions we take will be legally grounded, will be thoroughly anchored in intelligence, will have the
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appropriate review process, approval process, before any action is contemplated, including those actions that might involve the use of legal force. >> the fifth amendment is pretty clear. no depreivation of life, liberty or property without due process of law. we are threatening american lives with a drone attack. >> if the executive branch makes a mistake and kills the wrong person or a group of the wrong people, how should the government acknowledge that? >> i believe we need to acknowledge it. i believe we need to acknowledge it to our foreign partners. we need to acknowledge it publicly. >> i have been on this committee more than 10 years. with the exception of mr. panetta, i feel like i have been jerked around by every cia director. my question to you is: knowing your background, knowing your jesuit education, knowing what i think your values are, kihave
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your word that you -- can i have your word that you will be very forthcoming with this committee to speak truth to power, to speak truth about power and even when it's uncomfortable, where we have to probe in a way that is not an easy way to go? >> former adviser to the president reagan, pat buchanan is here. do you have problems with the program to use drones to kill americans overseas if they are believed to be associated with al qaeda. >> vinever seen a bigger assort ion of imperial presidency than that. the president is claiming the right for himself and high-rank subordinates to identify what they consider a threat, imminent threat, the right to use a hell-fire missile to kill them, even if they are an american citizen. i have never heard of this before. i don't think it's going to stand. i think the congress of the united states, which has the power over the declarations of war will get in on this.
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i think there has to be a judicial review when are you killing americans. >> what struck me, when you talked about richard nixon and the quote is -- when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal. >> that was richard nixon talking to david frost about what were called black job surreptitious entries, breaking into terrorist organizations, whether it was ku klux klan or black papthers, in a black village townhouse. but the president of the united states never asserted the right to kill american citizens. he was asserting a right to protect american citizens with break-ins. this is far beyond that. but look at the reaction to richard nixon happened. nixon was discriminated against. people were sickened by this. this is astonishing.
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>> do you expect to see congress do anything with this? we are so, after 9/11, you say the word terrorism and we all jump, as we should because that was terrible what happened on 9/11. but the fact is, we are using drones in countries where we are not at war. we are using it on intelligence and we know how intelligence has been faulted before am we have a broad definition of what imminent is, it can be someone that the person planned to do six or eight months from now -- it is not urgent. we have unknown government officials making the decisions. >> i was glad to see and i have seen it on fox, a number of conservative robberies who -- republicans who are very hawkish and they are appalled by the president's claim here. i think we have to take a look at the whole zone situation here. an effective weapon, no doubt about t. but are we creating more terrorists than we are killing? when we went into afghanistan in 2001, we took down the al qaeda. but now al qaeda's what? in six or seven country,
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pakistan, afghanistan, sirria, iraq, libya, mali. this is the 12th year of the war on terrorism, quote. and al qaeda has expanded the theater of operations across two and three continents. the point is, are we losing this war? are we winning it? if we are creating more terrorists than we are killing it, we are losing the war and we are in an endless war. >> we are changing the rules of engagement. it is not inconceivable to see a drone coming this way at some point. >> exactly. the president cannot unilaterally assert a right to kill american citizens. he's a constitutional law professor. hasn't he read the constitution! >> it will be interesting to see what the congressional oversight does, whether, you know, to what extent we get more information about this program. we are not getting a lot. >> everybody, look, every american realizes this is an effective weapon. when you go after folks, you might have some collateral damage here.
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>> we are targeting americans on foreign soil. >> we are targeting americans, not in the war theater, it's in somalia and yemen. where else is it? >> you know what, pat? i think we could send navy seals in and arrest them. we are so effective with the navy seals to get osama bin laden. there are other ways to do it, other than firing drones -- >> they are talking about -- you can't use drones on hundreds and hundreds of strikes, but you can certainly use them if you are talking about an american citizen because they are not going to be many of those. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> retired air force colonel oversaw a counterterrorism in africa from 2007 to 2010. she is here. martha, i understand you have a very different view of the drone program. what is your view on targing americans overseas? >> sure. there are two big questions here. obviously, the first one is, is it legal? and the second one is, is it the right strategy and a good policy?
10:17 pm
i am not an ental lawyer, but i have been the -- at the table with many experts on this. this is the main issue, do we consider that the trike strikes are legal? in the international law, it says, absolutely, especially in pakistan, where we have ongoing operations. pakistan being a safe haven i. how about yemen? >> well -- -- >> we are not -- >> sure [overlapping dialogue] >> declared a war. al qaeda hasydeclared a war on the united states. their operations are global. and so, by our own law of conflict and by our own authorization of the use of military force, passed after 9/11, we are allowed to target any terrorist assets that are associated with al qaeda or its operatives. and that includes yemen and somalia and other places. the question is whether it's good policy and strategeically smart. you know, having overseen those operations for africa, i can
10:18 pm
give you my perspective as an operator. we go through incredible scrutiny for targets to positively identify them -- >> here's -- let me ask you what i think -- the incredible scrutiny. i am on the outside, looking in. kisee that. but we have had so many incredibly grotesque intelligence failures, that it's very hard for me to accept that some nameless person in the government, high official decides that someone sm american in some country we arant at war in is somehow associated with al qaeda and is going to do something imminently and the person's descrint greated with any process or review. i mean, unilateral decision. it's very hard with the inteligences failures for me to feel an memory level of comfort with that. >> if you are specifically talking about americans, again, the law of conflict does apply. when an american decides to be involved in enemy action against americans, in the course of history, there is citizenship is
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not protecting them from being an enemy combatant -- >> that's not the issue, though. the question is whether it's a level of our intelligence is right. you know, have you american who is are not associated with al qaeda that we have falsely or incorrectly or mistakenly -- that's the problem. >> well, having, again, over seen the operations in afghanistan for our military and our counter terrorism operations, i can only tell you that the scrutiny is very high. the individuals are looked at over many years. their association with al qaeda, their activities and operations before they can even get to where they are targetable. then, once they are targetable, there is a whole other level of intelligence effort that has to come together to make sure you periodsly identify that person at that location, with a very detailed collateral damage estimation to minimize civilian casualties. and that process -- we are working far more targets than we actually operate against because the scrutiny is so high.
10:20 pm
>> martha i gotta go. i have to go. there is so much to talk about. i am sure we will be talking about this for dice come. thank you very much. >> sure. glad to be here. >> straight ahead, robert menez ever nendez in hot water, allegations, but not proof of underaged girls in the dominican republic. tonight, there is more. and get ready, now this is going to be a big one, we are told. blizzard warnings for a huge chunk of the nation. the latest on the storm path, come up. and much more breaking news on what is going on in california. the manhunt for the fired cop, wanted for killing three. he wants to kill more. he's on the loose. stay with us. hi. hi.
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we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ >> new controversy surrounding new jersey senator robert menendez. an aide acknowledging that he contacted past officials to help donor and medicare dispute and didn't know the former doctor was under investigation for medicare fraud and did not in the investigation. and carol broke the story. he's in bigger hot water, he made two phone calls? >> one phone call to a person
10:25 pm
who receives medicare payments, decides whether or not taxpayers are getting defrauded and one sit-down meeting with that career official's boss. >> greta: both were investigating this doctor in florida for how much money in fraud? >> they concluded over two to three year period he had overbilled the government 9 million dollars for eye injection. lots of senators make phone calls for constituents all the time and then there's some-- there's a phone call and there's getting in deep. >> my colleague and i worked on this story for a long time to try to figure out what was real and what wasn't and what we could determine from federal officials who do not want to be named, it was that senator menendez made clear he was really concerned about policies that were hurting doctors and then when asked for a specific example, he provided his benefactor and
10:26 pm
prominent donor, a palm beach doctor as an example as somebody who is concerned about the system. >> and of course, he's a new jersey democrat and the doctor is a florida doctor. senator menendez doesn't have a lot of money and this doctor has a lot of money. >> it's an interesting relationship because here you have someone who last year when senator menendez was pretty vulnerable for re reelections or a fight donate today a pac and the bulk of that money was steered back to senator menendez's campaign. >> greta: even with the air fare, to go to the dominican republic and doesn't fess up until he's sort of exposedment didn't pay back the flight until he got exposed. don't hit the explanation from the aide about the phone call until you start snooping around. there are still a lot of burning questions and you're right the way you say it,
10:27 pm
finding out afterwards. why is it that senator menendez didn't want to disclose that information in 2010 or forgot? why is it that he advocated and pressured u.s. officials to try to help his friend in a port contract in another country? why is it that he pressed u.s. officials who tried to save taxpayers money for health care fraud. >> greta: and of course, his big problem is now you're asking those questions and the biggest problem. carol, nice to see you, a fascinating story. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: get ready, blizzard warnings, a part of the nation braci bracing for dangers, and we're following breaking news for the fired l.a.p.d. on an a deadly rampage and mark (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts
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>> the police don't know where he is. but the sheriff in riverside and the mayor say that the community is safe. go figure on that one? >> reporter: well, they want the community to be safe. they don't want them to be out there and change their lifestyle to the point where they are scared -- >> like the two cops sitting in a car? two cops sitting in a car,
10:32 pm
unsuspecting were shot and killed? it's not irrational to have fear and caution. it is irrational to tell everyone to feel safe. >> reporter: they admit it's extremely tense. i am not going to agree with what they said. it's tense. the last guy -- last time this guy was seen, he was seen shoot it would go cops. in big bear, it's dpown right scary up there. think about this, people near their home, told to lock their dorks lock their windows. some people have their guns loaded and ready to g. police officers, 130 of them are going door to door. expanding the search. it's foggy, in the 20s. a storm's coming in. this mad man is theoretically, armed and ready to kill again. they are checking every home, even ones that are not up onned toee if there are signs of forced entry. this is a very serious situation. at the same time, remember the manifesto he said for the police to throw out the book of their plans. there is a lot of people
10:33 pm
believing he came down the hill. that's a diversionary tactic. we don't know that. but the authorities tell you, we have no signs to show he's still here. we have no signs to show he's left. he's basically vanished. the only time anybody had found anything since this morning when he shot the officers here where i am located is a burning car that was his. they didn't find much evidence around the car at all. at this hour, except for tracks that led to nowhere. at this hour, they don't know where this guy is. police are on high alert, everywhere across the state. and families of the people on that manifesto's list -- 25 people -- their families are all being protected. remember there is extended family member, potentially thousands of people that could be spread across the state and for that matter, all across the west. so at this hour, what they want to do is to find him, of course. everybody wants to find him. the worry is, what will this man do? he says he's willing to lose his life and take a lot of people with him. at this hour, they have no
10:34 pm
reason to believe he won't do that. >> thank you. now one of the people named in this fire's officer's manifest is a homicide p.d. former officer, mark fuhrman. i assume you don't know him. you are random, like some politicians and famous people. you don't know him, right? >> i don't know him at all, greta. of course, he came on the department, 10 years after i left the department. i think it was more of a -- it's kind of like a drive-by name that you attach to some kind of history of the lapd or los angeles, much as many of the other names. so i don't think it was a specific target name. it was more of a -- a little historical rage. >> do you know this area where his burned-out truck has been found? we don't know that he is necessarily up there? we know he was down, trying to commandeer a boat last night.
10:35 pm
do you know the where -- the area where his car has been found? >> do i know the area -- not -- not -- that well. but i have been in that area before. but this is not an unintentional act. cars do not catch on fire by themselves. he drove the vehicle there. he is not there. the vehicle was set on fire. it was meant to be found. and that's how i would view it until i was convinced otherwise. but i think it was calculated and planted there for a specific reason. what that reason is, we don't know yet. >> the thing that is so deeply durbing about this one, he targeted cops. he has gotten cops. he has gone after citizens who are not police officers. he has try audio he tied up an elderly man last night and tried to steal his boat. he shot people sitting in the car, unsuspecting. nobody knows where he is. he has made a definite statement
10:36 pm
to kill and he has a history of killing? >> well, he does. this is the most violent type of suspect to be on the loose. he's killed. he has nowhere to go except for either in a fight or to kill more. so it's very dangerous. it's like a cornered animal. he is going to fight -- he has stated he is going to fight. you don't let him dictate your game and you don't let him lead you into the fight so he has the advantage. and that's a very difficult task at this point. imagine being a police officer. you are up in that bear mountain range and knock on the door, you have a family tide up. he answers the door and he shoots you right in the head. that's how dangerous this investigation is, looking for this guy. you know, he is -- he has exhibited nothing but a desire to kill. i am going to take the last word on that. thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> and this is a fox extreme
10:37 pm
weather alert. >> reporter: two storms we're watching here. this is the moisture source for the storm. very significant moisture. some models showing 3 to 4 inches of liquid precipitation, either snow, maybe frozen precipitation. but that equivalent theor. that's the warm but moist part. this is the very cold part, across parliaments of the great lakes. that's what the two storms are going to meet and cause all the problems. winter storm warnings all across new new and much of upstate or all of new york. but a lot of pennsylvania and new jersey. but it's the blizzard warnings that are going to cause the worst of the conditions. >> very strong winds, over 35
10:38 pm
miles per hour for an extended period of time. i think areas here, up around boston and providence and cape cod and the islands, seeing winds gusting over 75 miles per hour. hurricane-force winds. probably the snow will be just to the west of boston. we feel pretty confident in that forecast. we are much less confident about what happens in new york city because it's right on the rain and snow line. when you look at these, you can see that pink there, if we are getting all rain, we are not getting accumulating snow. you are going 15, 20 miles to the north and we are going on new york. i will not be surprised if we see a couple of feet of snow in new york and if we see 6 to 12 inches. big coastal flooding for new york city and the coastal areas. obviously, those areas impact the by sandy and big coastal flooding concerns, where we will see the majority of this across massachusetts and the main coastline. >> i mean, in all of these storms, the snow's pretty and it looks gorgeous. but it comes down so hard.
10:39 pm
it knocks out power. people lose power and you have freezing weather. the real danger is what they may see. i am going to take the last word on that. thank you. >> you bet. >> coming up, benghazi news. defense secretary, leon panetta going to war with u.s. senators, in a fierce battle over benghazi. senator john mccain is here to talk about it, coming up. we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of california. the hunt for a fired police officer, accused in three murders is taking a new focus. the latest news and the search, coming up. ual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% more flash. [ southern accent ] 50 percent more taters. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in your wallet? this car is too small.
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>> today the defense department's top two leaders going to battle over the u.s. response to benghazi. >> there was no intelligence or indication of imminent attack on the u.s. facilities in benghazi and frankly without an adequate warning, there was not enough time given the speed of the attacks, for armed military assets to respond. >> the united states military, as i've said, is not and frankly should not be a 911 service capable of arriving on the scene within minutes to every possible contingency around the world. >> did you ever get the message that said they could not withstand a sustained attack on the consulate. >> i was tracking that
10:45 pm
intelligence. >> did you receive that information. >> i did. >> didn't bother you. >> and in place ready to respond? >> we never received the request to do so, number one, and number two-- >> you never heard of ambassador stevens repeated warnings about the-- >> i had through general hamm, but we never received a request for support from the state department which would have allowed us to put-- >> so it's the state department's fault. >> i'm not blaming the state department. >> is there a saying in the military when you go into harm's way, we've got your back? >> of course, yes, sir. >> don't you think that saying has been undermined here, how can people in the military, the foreign service believe we've got their back when after over-- do you know how long the attack was going to last, secretary panetta? >> no idea. >> well, it could have lasted for two days. >> greta: we spoke with senator mccain shortly after the hearing. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: i realize today was the hearing with the secretary of defense and general
10:46 pm
dempsey. i'm curious though, do you know what the cia was doing at that benghazi conflict, what was their job? >> i do not know what their job was, and i'm sure it was gathering intelligence, but the thing that was really frustrating about it is, general dempsey and secretary panetta who are admire, basically said, well, there was nothing we could do. it's 330 miles from the base in crete, to benghazi. if we'd had assets there, they could have reacted. remember, this attack lasted for seven hours, two of the americans died in the last hour. and they believed somehow this threat at the consulate in benghazi was no different than many other places in the world. i am absolutely confident there was no place in the world where there was the attack on the british ambassador, the red cross closed and on august 15th, a message that said they could not resist a sustained attack
10:47 pm
on the consulate and yet, there was no provision made to move any department of defense asset, either air or ground, anywhere near the consulate in benghazi. that's reprehensible. >> greta: and the reason that i ask you about the question what was the cia doing because one of the other issues that came up is arming of the syrian rebels, a question that came up and there had been a long controversy whether or not the united states was going to arm the syrian rebels or not and who was on board and who wasn't on board and some suggestion that through that consulate that weapons were being sent to turkey, for that conflict, to the syrians and i'm curious whether or not that consulate was used to channel weapons to the syrian republicans for one, and number two, what do you think about the response from general dempsey and secretary panetta about weapons to syrian rebels? >> well, there were published
10:48 pm
reports that some of the arms were coming from libya that were arriving for the resistance in syria. but that information that we had was not through the united states government, but through other sources but i'm not clear on that. but the thing that's really astounding to me is that we had a hearing with secretary panetta and general dempsey back in march, a year ago, and at that time some 7,000 syrians had been killed. they both said at the time assad will fall inevitably and we're now up to 60,000 who have been massacred. hundreds of thousands in refugee camps, a million displaced the numbers are staggering and we now have found out as a result of this hearing that both secretary panetta and general dempsey supported sending arms to the syrian resistance. how did we find that out? because it was a new york
10:49 pm
times story that revealed last week that both secretary clinton and general petraeus then head of the cia, had also advocated sending arms to the rebels in the resistance in syria so now we have a situation where the entire national security team, secretary of defense, secretary of state, head of cia, chairman of joint chiefs of staff who all advocated sending weapons to these rebels so they could defend themselves, keeping in mind the russians are supplying assad including the revolutionary iranian guard on the ground. so what happened? obviously, the buck stopped with the president of the united states overruling the recommendation of the national security team that he appointed. really remarkable. >> greta: and i have a sorted related topic. everybody knows that you say torture doesn't work and the now the report about drones coming out of the justice
10:50 pm
department that americans thought to be terrorists on foreign soil can be essentially disintegrated by drones. your thought about this? >> my thought is two thoughts. one, because of this administration's policy, if you find a terrorist who is an american citizen of the united states then that person has to be read his or her miranda rights. if that same person is overseas, then after a certain process, you can kill them. that doesn't -- that doesn't compute, but my other thought is that should we have the cia, central intelligence agency, being the uones carryin out the drone strikes or should it be a military mission. if it were, there'd be much greater oversight by congress, but instead we're turning an
10:51 pm
intelligence agency into the prime instruments or one of the prime instruments waging the war on terrorism and radical extremism. it seems we've gotten things out of balance here. >> greta: senator, thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me on. senator mccain has more about the full controversy, you can see it on and immigration law officemax is celebrating our new collaboration with go daddy!
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>> what do you think about english only? well, in arizona that debate is heating up, that issue a bill forbidding agencies sending out documents in other language, but english. some say it's a violation of civil rights, but disagrees, it will save taxpayers money. good evening, sir, tell me what this bill is. >> well, thank you, greta. first thank you for having me and thank god for another day of freedom in this great country he's given us. greta, you know, quite honestly this bill does one thing and one thing only, it adheres to what the people in arizona asked for. what i mean by that, a few
10:56 pm
short years ago people passed 103. and 103 said this, english is the official language of the state of arizona all government transactions and correspondence shall be conducted in english and this is in arizona's constitution, article 28. all this bill does is get our agencies a little bit more up to speed by respecting what the people asked from us, and tell you one more thing, the people that passed this proposition with nearly 75% of the vote. one of the largest margins in proposition history so the people clearly told us what they wanted and i'm going to do it for them. >> we got cut short because of the breaking news bye take it this will be challenged in court and you expect a challenge from people who claim it violates civil rights; is that true >> anytime you pass a common-sensical taxpayer bell aclu and left will try something, but it is a constitutional bill. >> greta: i think they challenge it because they think it's not constitutional. i don't think it's every time you pass a common sense, i
10:57 pm
think they genuinely disagree with you on this and we'll see what happens when it gets to court. thank you, sir. >> thank you, god bless. >> thank you, god bless. >> greta: coming up, an [ mom ] with my little girl, every food is finger food. so i can't afford to have germy surfaces. but after one day's use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to a fresh sheet of new bounty duratowel. look! a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth, as this black light reveals. it's durable, cloth-like
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